Best Features:-

Fast and flexible:-

SaveTube is fast,flexible and small in size as compare to other alternatives also faster than official app.

Media Formats

A number of formats available for downloads:-

  • audio
  • 360p
  • 480p
  • 720p
  • 1080p

FaceBook Downloader:-

Download videos from Facebook, using SaveTube mobile app by log-in into app with facebook account. We assures that we never save your passwords.


Brilliant Features:-

  • PIP mode for Youtube
  • Background Playback support
  • External VideoPlayer support
  • Vast variety of media format
  • Less in-video advertisement

Safe and Secure

SaveTube is Safe to use it does not contains any harmful virus,spyware,ransomeware or any other kind of miscellaneous codes.

Video link sharing:-

SaveTube provides a way to share the downloadable links of video to social networks.So any user watch or download video without any software/app using link only.

About us:-

SaveTube video downloader created by bawaviki, a web developer,android developer and freelancer from India.